Moved, again.

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I was waiting until we got internet at our new place before I tried to really get into blogging again but... We ended up having to move out so I am back at home (my parents place) for the time being. Which hopefully means I will be able to start blogging again.

Just the other day my parents got Fibre Broadband which means out internet has been running rather smoothly, which is pretty awesome & will make blogging so much easier & quicker.

Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner in Hustle by Collection Cosmetics.

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Thank you Collection Cosmetics NZ for the Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Linger in the colour Hustle.


As I opened the envelope & laid eyes on the product I had received I was so eager to try it out then & there. As I unscrewed the lid & pulled the brush out, I was even more surprised. The way the crystals sparkled in the light at work was just breathtaking. 

I swatched the gel liner on my hand (Video here. The light was just right to show off the sparkling of the crystals) & instantly fell in love with the product. So after work, I took a quick nap so I could really try out the product. 

I was very tempted to apply my gel liner first as I couldn't wait to apply it, but due to being a perfectionist with a little OCD I had to apply everything in order. 

The brush on the product is firm but soft which I just loved as I'm still a learner when it comes to any sort of liner. It was easy to apply. The texture of the product surprised me. Other crystal (glitter) products I have tested out I have always been able to feel the crystals (glitter) but not this one. When applying you couldn't even tell it had crystals in it. I was very happy about this as I wear contact lenses & have very sensitive eyes & skin. It glided on, & you only need one coat (although I applied two as I loved the sparkles). 

I wore the gel liner all day & had no problems at all. The gel dried quickly & even after it had dried the crystals still sparkled. I was surprised to find that the crystals didn't fall all over my face, they stayed right where I had applied them. I was extremely happy about this, as getting glitter in your eyes is painful (even more so with contact lenses). 

Washing off the gel liner was easier than I thought. It didn't take much work at all to remove it (I just used a flannel in the shower, no soap or make up remover needed). No crystals were left on my face & no residue of the gel either. 

I can't wait to use this gel liner again, I have some other ideas up my sleeve too.

The only thing I have to complain about is that the line is currently not available in my local Countdowns as I want to try more of their products & definitely want to try the other colours of the gel liner (Funk, Glitz & Rock Chick). 

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that wants to invest in a crystal gel liner.

- Opinion on the product is my own. I write my honest opinion regardless of being given the product. The content of the review is my true & honest experience with the product listed. 

Hunting - yes, you did read that right.

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WARNING : Contains a graphic image.

I guess a year ago you would never have ever thought you'd be hearing (or reading) me talking about hunting. But you did read it right, I am going to be talking about hunting.

On February the 17th Pierre & his friends took me on a hunt. My first proper hunt, & by proper I mean I actually got to shoot at an animal. A goat in fact. I got to borrow one of Pierre's friends guns, a .223 (I'm hoping Pierre will eventually buy me one) which I just love using.

It was so exciting. I didn't think I would actually enjoy it as much as I do. You get such a rush of adrenaline, one that I have never experienced before. So much so that I walked down & up a steep hill just to take a photo with my goat; without complaining... Much. It didn't even feel as bad as it looked, but I bet if I had of had to do it before shooting... Well, I probably wouldn't have been so keen to.

ImageThis is obviously me, with my goat & the gun I used. 

He wasn't too big, but sadly was too big for me to carry on my own so we left him there. We left him there for the pigs to eat (which we wil hopefully be going for a camp to hunt them sometime soon). 

Yesterday we also went goat hunting. We took a guy Pierre met at work with us; he had never shot a gun or gone hunting before. We can happily say he killed his first goat too.

I will spare you the image of his goat (& another goat we got) because it is a little more gruesome. 

Day 07 - Favourite animal(s).

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I don't just have one favourite animal, but three. I couldn't just pick one so, you got all three. They do speak for themselves.

Credit : Imgur


Credit : Living Inside Hope


Credit : Zoo Borns


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